Our Services

Bath Package starts at $25+

This includes:

-Ear Cleaning

-Nail Clipping


-Blow Dry

-Brush Out

Our Haircut Packages start at $50+ and includes everything listed above as well as the haircut of your choice as long as hair is free of mats and in good condition.

  • Our DeShed Package is an additional $10-$30 depending on the amount of undercoat. This package is best for shedding breeds and double coated breeds. This will help reduce the amount of shedding which keeps your floors and clothing happy. Removing undercoat is necessary to keep your double coated breeds healthy and happy.
  • Our Mediacted Aloe Package is an additional $10 and this package is best for pets with sensitive skin. If your pet has itching, flaking, or scratching issues this package is for you!
  • Our Oatmeal Baking Soda Package is an additional $10. This is best for pet parents who want their pets to smell great for as long as possible. The Oatmeal soothes your pet’s skin + coat and the baking soda absorbs oders which keeps your pet smelling fresher longer.
  • The Silky Show Package is an additional $10. This is the best package for pet’s with damaged hair but healthy skin. The moisturizing shampoo and conditioner restores the hair’s texture leaving behind a shiny healthy coat.
  • The Mineral Mud Bath Package is an additional $10-$15 and this package is best for pets with more severe skin issues. The Mud Bath helps exfoliate dry, itchy, or irritated skin while the Tar & Sulfur Shampoo calms + soothes.
  • The Works Package is an additional $20 but this gives you the biggest value. You can choose any of the packages above (minus the deshed package) as well as Paw Balm, Tooth Brushing, Facial, Fancy Bandana and/or Bows.
  • We also offer seasonal packages at a discounted price so keep an eye out for our promotional packages. This package is “The Works” package and is only $15 instead of the full $20.

Other stand alone or add on services include:

-Tooth Brushing + Breath Spray $5

-Paw Balm $5

-Blueberry Facial $5

-Special Shampoos (any individual shampoo listed above) $6

-Special Conditioners (any individual conditioner listed above) $6

-Flea Shampoo $6

-Ear Cleaning $5

-Ear Hair Pulling $6

-Nail Grinding $15

-Nail Pawling $6

-Anal Gland Expressing $5

*Our Bath & Haircut Packages both include anal gland expressing, nail grinding, ear hair pulling at no additional cost.

At this time, we must go by appointment for everything so please call and make an appointment today.

Additional Fees

Unfortunately, some pets do not enjoy their spa day as much as others so we have to handle these pets with extra care. Due to this, we have to charge an additional $10 Special Handling Fee. Some pets require extra care, extra hands, and more time in order to groom them safely. This ensures that your pet and our groomers stay safe.

Some pets can have coats that tend to get knotted, matted, tangled, and all around difficult to maintain. Our job is to ensure your pet’s comfort so if there are mats, we do our best to save your pet’s coat. That being said, we will not hurt your pet in order to save any coat that is beyond repair. If we can safely and painlessly save the coat, our dematting fees start at $5+ depending on the amount of time it takes. One mantra we follow is Humanity Over Vanity. If your pet has a coat that is difficult for you to manage, ask our team about tips and tricks so we can teach you how to be your pet’s own personal stylist!

Due to COVID-19 and the long list of regulations set by the CDC, we have a strict schedule we must follow in order to sanitize between each client. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, you are interrupting other client’s appointment times which causes issues at check in because we only allow 1 family in our lobby at a time. Additionally, if you miss your scheduled appointment, it interrupts the groomer’s schedules as it is difficult to fill that appointment last minute. If you do not cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time or show up late for your appointment, we must charge a $10 No Show Fee.

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